Geelong Baptist College

Geelong Baptist College, established in 2002, with a Christian foundation, has an open enrolment policy and is co-educational with 340 students, Foundation to Year 12.
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590 Anakie Road
Lovely Banks

Geelong Baptist College, established in 2002, with a Christian foundation, has an open enrolment policy and is co-educational with 340 students, Foundation to Year 12. We offer care, challenge and achievement.

Our Motto, 'To live the Truth', encompasses our core values: respect, integrity, initiative, resilience, positive work ethic, compassion and teamwork.

The College vision is to provide a positive and engaging learning experience that has been developed within a Christian framework of values and beliefs. Through the development of an inclusive, nurturing and challenging environment, students explore and develop their individual abilities, maximising their potential - personally and academically. We acknowledge and value each individual student's background, interests and abilities and aim to cater for those individual differences, appreciating each student's personal learning journey.

The College's mission is to deliver to society young people who have: discernment (the skills and desire to commit to action for a better society), character (self-discipline, integrity, acceptance and compassion), success (to work hard, and to strive for success in their personal life, in education and in employment) and faith (the opportunity to discover the truth of the Gospel of Jesus).

The College offers an extensive curriculum that addresses appropriate issues and needs, ensuring that learning is relevant and engaging. Our goal is to equip young people with the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes, and beliefs to deal with life beyond school. The focus is on Literacy, Numeracy, learning for life, thinking skills and developing independence and genuine ambition in ongoing learning.

Teachers guide students to engage, explore, explain, elaborate and evaluate; also to: take responsibility for their own learning, develop group skills, take risks without fear of failure, pursue excellence, put into practice what they have learned, and to achieve their potential. We believe students have a right to learn and that teachers have a right to teach, and strive to offer all students justice, acceptance, learning and safety, creating a positive learning environment for all students. Through consistent and open communication, we aim to create a harmonious partnership with families and have established a community of purpose where parents are informed, interested and involved.

The College implements the National Curriculum for the Eight Key Learning Areas:

– English -reading, writing, viewing, spelling, handwriting, oral language

– Mathematics

– Science – including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science

– Humanities (Studies of Society and Environment, Geography, History, Economics)

– Language Other Than English -Indonesian

– The Arts -Music, Dance, Drama, Visual Arts, Media Studies, Visual Communication

– Physical Education and Health

– Technology and Enterprise -Information and Communication Technology, Woodwork, Food Technology, Textiles, Systems Engineering

Students are taught in year levels, where teachers differentiate their teaching strategies, content and assessments as applicable to the class and individual student needs.